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If you are looking for a turning point in your life, you can rely on Dr. Valeria Carossa, nutritionist, biologist and personal trainer. 

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Welcome to the safe harbor, where we will nurture your special being: here I will take care of you. Tell me your dreams and your projects, if we join our  efforts everything is possible.

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You will be taken by the hand and guided with experience on your unique and profound journey. You will find your way and true well-being, mind and body will benefit... Find out more.

Consulente professionale nutrizione olistica dottoressa biologa carossa valeria alimentazione naturale


Welcome to my website, I am Valeria Carossa, nutritionist biologist.

I am a woman of Science but I work according to the principles of Holistic Health.


I take care of the person as a whole , I combine nutrition , emotional therapy, Bach flowers and practices  Yoga. Read my Blog!


With me you will find an all-round personal coach:  we analyze your life and lay the foundation for your personal fulfillment .  

Are you ready to renew your world?

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Book a free consultation!

My visits are mostly online: I follow my patients with videocalls, vocals, emails and a lot of material. Book your first free session with this link!


My material immediately available for you!


Here you will find the complete description of all the material I provide to my patients and the steps we go through together to build your puzzle. Find out what awaits you if you start holistic therapy!


Each person is a small world. Unconscious habits emerge when writing, therefore  I propose you to fill in the  food diary in great detail. Do it for a week,  get to know you!


Hydration is important but doing it with taste is even better. Discover the recipes I wrote to make even the natural act of drinking pleasant and therapeutic. Warm or refreshing, for any occasion!

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Now follow me on the website, I'll explain the two paths I offer, the HOLISTIC SEMESTER and the HOLISTIC TRANSITION. Which one is right for you?

Here you can find my blog immediately:

Now I'll tell you about it my philosophy...


A unique philosophy


Whoever finds a friend, he finds a treasure, goes the old saying. Facing everything alone is not easy, or even impossible if we have already given up. But all is not lost ...

Here is my figure: I offer you the knowledge and rigor of a scientist , reliability and constant presence as a personal trainer , sensitivity and intuition as a flower therapist. Do you like the holistic approach?

When would you feel like turning the page, make an evolution of your personal development, and you don't know where to start, that's the time to write to me!

Wanting to lose weight though it is not enough, here we go “further”. We will enter your novel, you will write your script and  you will meet yourself . Then? We will find out only by living, without fear (Italian song, L. Battisti). I will always be at your side.

"Vale!"  the Latins said to take their leave: may well-being be with you! What a match, it's my name too...

Now go ahead and see how I can help you in practice.

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Reach your goals

The therapies I propose are personalized on the  patient, that's why I offer two types of path: the Holistic Semester and the Holistic Transition.

The holistic Semester is made for those who strongly focus on health and personal fulfillment.

If you are a determined type, ready to renew your world, this path leads you to make a radical change to your old way of life.  

Keep the good and the beautiful, the cornerstones of your principles, but let's transform your fears and frustrations together. You will abandon bad habits and effectively consolidate a  new lifestyle.

During these three months I will always be by your side: every day we work together with various techniques and strategies, focusing from time to time on different aspects of your situation.

In this way you will not get lost along the way and your commitment will immediately give encouraging and lasting results in the whole sphere of your life. At the end of the holistic Semester you will take away with you a new way of thinking and dealing with existence.

Read the detailed program e contact me  now for a free chat. Let's find out together if this path is for you!

pacchetto avvolto

If you don't feel ready to put everything on the line yet, you can choose a less demanding route  and focus only on improving your own nutrition and lifestyle.

This is why I offer you an alternative option: we start with a route in which we adjust your meal plan, creating a transition between your current behaviors and a diet  healthier and suitable to you.

I provide you with personalized menus, the recipes to prepare them and food tables with seansons and cathegories. Furthermore I formulate and prepare the Bach flower mix that will give you support in this phase of yours.

In this period you will have feedbacks in order to calibrate your stages and provide you with any necessary clarification.

Find out more about this path in the services section. 

Who gets off to a good start, has done the half of the battle! Here you will find information on visits.

Green Goodness

If you would like more information on what I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me .

The first meeting is with no committment.


Isabella B.


I contacted Dr. Carossa initially for an interview only, but his holistic nutrition program impressed me to the point of wanting to follow him as a patient. I found his method already in line with mine  philosophy of life: a natural diet as part of a holistic approach to the care of one's being, understood as body, mind and soul.


The food plan and the Bach Flowers that Valeria prescribed me have been absolutely personalized according to  my organizational needs, since I am always traveling for work. This specific customization facilitated the application of the program as everything was tailored to my life needs but also to my way of being and my past.


Both this approach and the dedication and infinite passion with which Valeria carries out her work made me feel welcome and followed, with  scrupulous attention  and  sincere interest  to achieve my goals.


I consider myself lucky to have met the doctor and I advise anyone who wants to undertake a path of global well-being and improvement of their psycho-physical conditions to put themselves in her hands with complete confidence.

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