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My education

Fascinated by the beauty of the phenomena of Nature, I finished high school and decided to study Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Pavia. Five intense years followed between books and laboratory experiments, which led me to write the three-year thesis on gene expression in mouse eggs, and the specialist thesis on the immunological properties of stem cells from umbilical cord and bone marrow.


During the university years I attended a parallel training school, the Institute of Higher Studies (IUSS) in Pavia, which gave me the opportunity to do many scientific studies and expand my social relationships, especially with colleagues from other prestigious Colleges of Credit to which that school was dedicated.


The stay at the New College provided me with great educational support and  logistics, and a vast experience in the human field, still invaluable baggage for understanding the inner dynamics of people and empathy with their emotional states. Also crucial is the internal course of Scientific dissemination , thanks to which I have refined my writing skills.


I continued my training with the PhD in Life Sciences , during which I studied human evolution from the point of view of Population Genetics. In recent years I have refined my scientific-communicative and critical evaluation skills on scientific publications; I developed a great sense of rigor and precision, methodically carrying out the experiments and lengthy analyzes of the data obtained. Of great educational value was the opportunity to teach Genetics to students as tutor of the fundamental courses.


In those years I approached the practice of Yoga, an art with a deep spiritual meaning and great results in physical well-being. Thanks to the assiduous exercise and to an exceptional teacher (Letizia, thanks again!), I have treasured precious teachings that I still apply and pass on to my patients.


In this phase of opening towards disciplines directly aimed at psychophysical balance and the evolution of the personal path, I also began the study of Natural Nutrition as a free self-taught person, in order to have all the necessary elements for personal care and assistance, even in case of ailments and diseases.


After my doctorate, with an unchanged passion for scientific research, I undertook the postdoc in the field of Neurobiology, studying the role of beta-amyloid, a storage peptide in Alzheimer's disease, in the neuromodulation of other factors. Subsequently, at the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, I focused instead on the brain cells of the glia, essential support elements for neuronal development and functioning.


It was precisely in the Belgian town of Leuven that I understood my true professional path and decided to specialize in the field of Natural Nutrition and Bach Flower Therapy, dedicating my energies to these studies and to the realization of my family.


Since then I have divided myself between my profession as a Holistic Nutritionist, my passion for Permaculture Design and my beautiful family: I have three  wonderful children, Renzo,  Edoardo  and Susanna and a equally gorgeous husband, Daniele .


My patients, aware of the reasons that push them to undertake a path together, say they are satisfied with the approach and professionalism with which they are welcomed, followed and made independent. They experienced real change on their skin, a healthy evolution of existence. Read more in their testimonials .


If you feel attracted to this world of understanding of your deep needs and developing your inner drives, my help may be of interest to you.

What are you waiting for: contact me and let's have a chat in complete freedom!

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