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Privacy policy of



This privacy statement is based on specific legislative systems on data management, including the most recent articles. 13 and 14 of the 2016/679 European Regulation. Unless otherwise specified, this privacy policy applies exclusively to this Website.




The aim is to inform the Users of this website about the processing of their Data, acquired from the site itself or from external services it uses, in order to be able to provide the aforementioned Users with the service described therein on the site itself.


The owner

The owner of the website, Valeria Carossa, takes care to describe to Users what data is collected by this site and how to access those collected by third party sites that endorse the service in question. Furthermore, this information will be suitably adapted and updated if the legal circumstances require it; Therefore, interested Users are requested to personally examine this document in view of any changes. In the event that consent is the subject of a legal update, the Data Controller will take care to collect the consent again.


Rights of the User

With this Notice it is also specified that Users are in full possession of the faculties to:

- view, update and request a copy of all the data collected under the name of their profile, at least as regards the data collected by this site

- withdraw consent to their use

- request the limitation of the processing (for example by allowing only the saving of the Data, without any possible use)

- delete them permanently

- oppose the use of your personal data without providing an explanation if they are processed in the public interest, in the exercise of public powers that invest the Data Controller or, finally, for a legitimate interest of the Data Controller himself

- propose a complaint to a supervisory authority regarding data protection


Instead, please refer to the specific information on external services if provided by third parties. The request for viewing and cancellation from the User will be satisfied as soon as possible and in any case within one month.


Data processing

The data recorded automatically while browsing the site are necessary for the display of it and the provision of its services and are divided into Personal Data and Usage Data. The requested data are mandatory for the operation of the site, the user can freely choose not to communicate optional data without compromising the operation of the website.

Personal Data is information that makes a natural person identifiable and can be traced, directly or indirectly, in connection with other information concerning him. Examples are personal data entered manually or pseudonyms invented by the User.

Usage Data is information collected automatically by the site or by third parties that summarize the methods of use of the service of this site or of those connected to it. Examples are IP addresses, browsing times, searches displayed, file size obtained, details of server responses, country of origin, user's browser / operating system / IT environment, navigation methods and paths, etc.

The use of Cookies, see Cookie Policy (add link to Cookie Policy), or other tracking tools are intended to make the website services available to the User and to improve their browsing performance.

The User assumes responsibility for the publication and dissemination of Data belonging to third parties, guaranteeing that he has the right to do so, freeing the Owner from any liability towards the aforementioned third parties.


Method and place of data processing

It is the responsibility of the Data Controller to keep access to data secret and prevent their unauthorized disclosure and use. The data processing is carried out with IT and telematic tools in a manner strictly connected with the purposes envisaged by the philosophy of the site. The Data may sometimes be viewed by personnel who participate in the organization of the website (administrators, lawyers, marketing experts, etc ...) and / or by external parties (technical services, providers, communication agencies, etc ...). The contact details of the aforementioned subjects appointed by the Data Controller as Data Processors are available to the User upon request to the Data Controller.


Jurisdiction of processing

The Data Controller processes the Data in the following cases:

- under the consent of the User for specific purposes recognized by the user himself

- for the performance of a contract or its preparation

- to fulfill a legal obligation or a task of public interest

- to pursue the legitimate interest of oneself and / or of third parties


Place of data processing

The Data are processed in the Data Controller's operational headquarters and in all the saving places where the services external to the website operate, therefore the Data can be transferred to a country other than the one in which the User resides. More information in the section on external services. The User has the right to obtain information about the transfer of data and the measures carried out by the Data Controller to protect them.


Data retention period

The Data Controller keeps the Data for the time required by the purposes for which they were collected. For example as connected to a contract with the User or for the purposes of the interest of the Owner. The User has the right to obtain information in this regard and to revoke the retention of the Data at any time with an explicit request to the Data Controller. At the end of the retention period of the Data, if of normal course, these are deleted and their use by the Owner can no longer be exercised.


Details on the services connected to the website that receive the User Data indirectly.

Platform and Hosting Service: Wix (, Ltd.). This service is intended to host and operate this website, making it available to the User. Provides the Owner with tools for registering Users, analyzing and managing the use of the site, comments, database, e-commerce, and online payments. Wix's registered office is in Istraele, but the distribution of servers that comply with these services is geographically distributed making it difficult to determine the exact location where Personal Data is stored. For the specific Privacy policy of Wix, and that of Cookie Policy, please refer to the dedicated pages on the official website.


Social Network. This site hosts a direct link to the social platform Facebook) Facebook, Inc.). It uses cookies and usage data and it is possible that the navigation data on this site are collected by Facebook even if the user does not specifically connect to the social network at that time. The place of data processing is in the United States, this is the Facebook Privacy Policy. This social platform is a subject adhering to the Privacy Shield.


Live chat. The service is Facebook Messenger Customer Chat (Facebook, Inc.). This site offers a live chat service for a more immediate contact with the User. This service is operated by third parties, and chat conversations may be recorded. The place of data processing is in the United States, this is the Facebook Privacy Policy. This social platform is a subject adhering to the Privacy Shield.


Blog post comments. Comments are managed and permitted by Disqus, (provided by Big Heads Lab, Inc). This service allows Users to comment on the articles published on the site's Blog and to interact with the Owner and with other Users. The publication of comments is allowed only after registering the profile on this site and the Owner reserves the right to use the email address provided for sending the Newsletter and e-mail commerce. Users are responsible for the content of their comments but the Owner reserves the right to delete comments if they are offensive to the contents of the site, to himself or to other Users. The Disqus service may track data relating to page traffic even if the User does not post a comment on the web page on which it is installed. Disqus collects Cookies, Usage Data and various types of Data as specified in the Privacy Policy - Opt out. The place of data processing is in the United States.


Further information on the treatment


Legal defense

In case of abuse in the use of the website or related services by the User, the Data concerning him may be used for the defense in court or in the preparatory stages for it. The User declares to be aware that the Owner may be obliged to transfer the Data by order of the public authorities.


Specific information

At the request of the User, in addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this Website may provide the User with additional and contextual information regarding specific Services, or the collection and processing of Personal Data.

System log and maintenance

For needs related to operation and maintenance, this Website and any third party services used by it may collect system logs, i.e. files that record the interactions and which may also contain Personal Data, such as the User IP address.

Information not contained in this policy

Further information in relation to the processing of Personal Data may be requested at any time from the Data Controller using the contact details.

Response to "Do Not Track" requests

This Website does not support "Do Not Track" requests.
To find out if any third-party services used support them, the User is invited to consult the respective privacy policies.

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