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Your testimonials

Each of us has a unique story to tell. A heartfelt thanks to those patients who wanted to share their experience with everyone!

Dress on the Wall

Giulia R.

For some time I suffered from various gynecological problems to which was then added a thyroid dysfunction. The marriage in sight and the desire for a future pregnancy have definitely convinced me to contact Valeria, because I wanted to solve my ailments in a natural way, above all through a healthy eating style and a deep purification, and to face motherhood with relaxation and harmony .


We faced the initial difficulties of the changes together and after a month the new routine was already a habit that gave a pleasant sense of lightness, renewal and well-being.


I felt fully understood and accompanied, followed by a true professional who guided and encouraged me, celebrating every little progress with me. I found the daily diary method truly therapeutic, to which the doctor promptly responded even with many small tips that improved the practical management of new habits.


After a year I can record incredible successes: the amenorrhea has disappeared and the thyroid has started up again. Last but not least: my baby bump is about to bring to light the most beautiful of surprises, our first child .


I can say that I am really satisfied with the method and the treatments received, my lifestyle and my choices will continue in the direction of Natural Medicine and Holistic Nutrition.


Aida M.

I was nine months pregnant when the diagnosis of breast cancer, on the verge of metastasis, exploded like a bomb in my life, upsetting all confidence and expectations. We arrived destroyed by Valeria, seeking psychological support and guidance to investigate alternative perspectives to the protocols of standard traditional medicine.


The first meeting with her gave immediate hope in a completely black situation, and right from the start I felt held by the hand, comforted and understood: it was as if our dialogues brought to the surface distant emotions, unresolved conflicts, which in they somehow contributed to my illness.


Like Dr. Valeria Carossa (previously a colleague in labs), we are researchers according to official science but we have opened ourselves to natural healing methods, finding them more respectful of the patient and in tune with the psychosomatic aspect of health disorders. We also very much appreciated all Valeria's explanations on the methods and on the totally different vision of interpreting and dealing with disorders and pathologies, typical of Holistic Medicine: this allowed us to open ourselves to a new reality and to apply natural therapy with more will and confidence. proposal.


Despite the preference for Natural Medicine, we then decided to simultaneously undertake the traditional chemotherapy protocol, psychologically driven by the urgency of a cancer already extended to other areas of my body.

In this choice I sincerely thank Valeria for the respect for the divergent decision from a totally natural healing attempt: her care and her unchanged support were in no way compromised by the discordance of views, and she adapted the nutritional and purifying program. to the administration of the chemo.


Thanks to the personalized holistic care program prescribed by the doctor, made up of purification, targeted nutrition, supplements, flower therapy and yoga techniques, the expected side effects typical of chemo have been minimized and my physical vigor has been maintained at good energy levels. allowing me to take care of the little one and my first daughter.


The new eating and attitudinal style perfectly met the physiological needs of my state of health, immediately bringing me relief and tangible benefit in the disease . For this reason, despite having been a great change, I had no difficulty in applying it but it all came spontaneously , as if it were my body first of all to ask for it and like it (especially the cold-pressed vegetable juices, I taste them every morning as real healing vitamins).


The time spent in therapy (many months) was an intense journey, becoming my personal challenge and also a real journey in search of myself, of what had made me feel bad and of the beautiful things that I wanted to build in my life. , giving me hope and prospects. In all of this, in fact, I gave birth to my second child and enjoyed precious moments with my beloved family.


Now, seven months later, the cancer is in clear remission and my convalescence has taken on a profound value, aimed at optimism, hope and the joy of living. Now I feel that I will be able to see my children grow up and share beautiful moments with my family.


I am convinced that without the help of the doctor it would not have been the same thing, she changed my life for the better by saving me and my family: thanks Valeria!

vecchio Studio

Giuseppina C.

I contacted Valeria with the aim of improving my health condition according to the philosophy of Natural Medicine, to enjoy more energy despite my advanced age and to avoid the common drugs against pre-diabetes.


In my choice, I was convinced by the specificity and globality of the nutrition and wellness program, this personalization gives me peace of mind and security , allowing me to really commit myself to changing habits. Thanks to the guidelines that the doctor gave me for organizing meals, I don't get anxious about cooking, I go straight to the point and eat light and tasty.


The results were evident, even to the friends who began to think about it. In fact, my physical shape has gained, compatibly with the years. But what matters most is that I immediately felt better: last summer I faced the great heat, which usually kills me, with a good level of energy and during the winter I passed unscathed the heavy influence that afflicted those who were me. around. Even the change of season this spring did not cause me tiredness or colds, unlike in the past. Last but not least, I learned how to prevent stomach acid and gastroesophageal reflux that have haunted me over time.


I always felt Valeria beside me, with her loving patience that lingers where there is need. I think she is a reliable professional and passionate about her work, who has managed to transform my relatively profuse commitment into effective actions; has an understanding and tireless personality, just what it takes to involve and bring to a result a person with my relaxed timing...


I am really happy with the treatment, rare and precious: 10 and praise!


Cicero T.

It was a disastrous Friday in the winter when we received the news that my girlfriend had metastatic cancer cells in her axillary lymph nodes. It was like a dagger in the stomach and we panicked at the thought of having to wait all weekend for more consultations.


We found the contact of Valeria, an old acquaintance, and on the phone she told us "jump in the car and come here, we will talk calmly". And it was truly a blessing, the best thing we could do. She was very welcoming and immediately gave us an effective blend of Flowers to calm anguish and panic; she dedicated herself to us for a long time showing deep empathy and generosity.


Right from the start he gave us hope and optimism, above all by explaining in a scientific way the concepts of Holistic Medicine that were not familiar to us. By analyzing our experience we came to agree that there was a strong relationship between my girlfriend's existential and psychological trauma and the onset of cancer . We also shared the idea that the body itself, placed in the right conditions of purification and proper nutrition, has a great power of self-healing.


At that point we both began the personalized program, integrating the right diet with Bach flowers prepared directly by the doctor. It was a very intense period that saw us grow as a couple and as individuals . We questioned everything, discussed problems and feelings, and reopened the dialogue by improving our communication . The way we relate to each other and to relatives and friends has completely changed, in order to heal misunderstandings and quarrels. Ultimately the attitude towards the world and above all towards ourselves has undergone a great turning point .


Months after the surgical removal of the tumors, the medical situation seems very positive . However, we are determined to continue the lifestyle we have achieved and which has so far brought us so many benefits, internal and external. If life wanted to pass on a lesson to us, we can say that we have understood how much our thoughts and emotions affect external reality : only now have we understood the true value of unconditional love, of giving it without expecting anything in return and noticing that then it comes by itself.


Thanks to Valeria for having welcomed, supported and guided us in our unique and special journey made of confessions and outbursts on the comfortable sofa in her study. We recommend his care and supervision to anyone, not just those who choose exclusively the path of Natural Medicine. It was truly a journey of our discovery!


Isabella B.

I contacted Dr. Carossa initially for an interview but her holistic nutrition program struck me to the point of wanting to follow him as a patient. I found his method already in line with my philosophy of life: a natural diet as part of a holistic approach to the care of one's being, understood as body, mind and soul .


The food plan and the Bach Flowers that Valeria prescribed for me have been absolutely customized according to my organizational needs , since I am always traveling for work. This specific customization facilitated the application of the program as everything was tailored to my life needs but also to my way of being and my past.


Both this approach and the dedication and infinite passion with which Valeria carries out her work made me feel welcomed and followed, with scrupulous attention and sincere interest in achieving my goals.


I consider myself lucky to have met the doctor and I advise anyone who wants to undertake a path of global well-being and improvement of their psycho-physical conditions to put themselves in her hands with complete confidence.

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