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Holistic Nutrition

You don't need a new world, just new eyes to see the world [M. Proust].

The desire for knowledge and the genuine satisfaction of discovery have always guided Man's curiosity. This tireless research speaks to us of the needs we have to feel healthy and satisfied, and it is immediately clear that it is not just about food.


Therefore it is essential to understand what is the best fuel to feed the body and what strategies develop the potential of the mind, in order to evolve as a whole as a complete person.


The common conception of health generally minimizes the true condition of psychophysical well-being that we could achieve. The comparison I use is of Fiat vehicles: we are all convinced that we drive a Panda, functional but limited, while in reality we drive a Ferrari Testa Rossa, at least potentially.


To develop the real mens sana in corpore sano I propose a specific and personalized diet, flanked by both a recovery / strengthening of physical conditions and a path of inner growth that evaluates the initial psycho-emotional picture and the one desired by the patient.


These integrated objectives are addressed with a holistic approach , based on four fundamental pillars:


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Green Smoothie

Deep purification

The secret of proceeding is to begin [M. Twain]

As a biologist I have always tried to understand the phenomena that underlie life. Tackling the more specific study of nutrition was like understanding gene transcription for me. For this reason, the methods of purification, natural nutrition, and lifestyle adaptation that I propose can be considered as the instruction manual to give "clean fuel" to our body, and it remains forever to the patient as a precious resource to refer to.


To explain the deep roots of purification I use the metaphor of the house. Let's imagine a house with the transit areas, entrance, corridors and stairs and then the various rooms. Now let's think about garbage management: if we stopped taking the bins out every day, leaving them at the entrance, the passage areas would gradually fill up and accumulate in the various rooms. In a body full of toxins the same thing happens: a saturated intestine (nutrient / waste transit area) therefore means an entire organism  intoxicated (i.e. organs, all rooms in the house).


It is therefore evident that any type of regenerative therapy is based on intestinal cleansing and the drainage of toxins accumulated in the tissues that make up the various organs of the body. The methods prescribed are highly personal, as each of us has a different and unique state of waste accumulation. And the response to purification is equally specific, since the toxins removed from the various districts could give a series of inconveniences before being eliminated by the excretory organs.


Therefore it is highly adviced against the do-it-yourself, it could also be dangerous depending on the degree of saturation of the toxins in the circulation. Expert supervision is always the best guarantee of success.

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Healthy Morning

Plant-based nutrition

Scientific research on nutrition has intensified particularly in the past decade, even though holistic health and wellness centers around the world have long been applying the same concepts that mainstream science is publishing today.


What appears indisputable is that a prevailing plant-based and correctly balanced diet, no matter if vegan/vegetarian/omnivore etc., provides all the nutrients necessary for every phase of human life. Also (and above all) in case of pathologies it is possible to formulate ad hoc food plans that favor the body's self-healing abilities and maximize the effectiveness of any therapy.

What I mean by "predominant plant base": we are talking about fruit and vegetables but obviously also whole grains, legumes, tubers and roots. The accompaniment of animal products or products of animal origin is a personal choice of the patient, but also in this case the quality and the quantity of these products are balanced and revisited according to specific nutritional needs.


We should not forget that the lethal diseases of our centuries, typical "excess" pathologies, are claiming victims with pandemic proportions. If we talk about cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes we reach thrilling figures and their expansion in the near future makes it even more pale.


The most shocking thing is that they all have one irrefutable common root: incorrect nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. They are therefore not genetic problems (attributable to a low percentage of causes) but bad choices, sometimes already aware, but too often underestimated.


The problem is that we have become accustomed to believing that illness is normal and inevitable, and that death from old age alone is pure utopia.


Furthermore, let us not forget the ecological disruption that the production of animal feed and the breeding of livestock itself are causing. The WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) say so. Choosing how to eat is an ethical question, which decides the fate of our life and that of the planet. Preferring food of the highest quality and limiting its consumption is good for us and for the Earth.

Understanding that health or illness is mostly a choice, and not a bad luck, overturns our conception of life and suffering. But this should comfort us: if the responsibility is ours it means that we can change its course and reshuffle the cards on the table. After all, renewing our dishes does not mean totally depriving ourselves of our favorite foods: the exception will be thoroughly enjoyed and the rule will allow us to dispose of the toxins!


Revisiting the menu and reshaping our lifestyle is sometimes not immediate. Changing mentality, taste and habits is not for everyone, not with the same speed. But in the long run it gives well-being. It's all a matter of priorities. There is no tradition or culture that holds, each of us is free to decide his way of living (and dying).


"If health is everything to you, everything will change for health"

To make your endeavor worthwhile, avoid doing it yourself. Our collaboration will be the best ally to your regeneration program: my help will make the change pleasant, the transition smooth and your every effort effective.


Something still does not convince you? Let the facts speak for you, if you are interested I have many readings to suggest to you, scientific publications and direct testimonials will prove it to you!

Just read up, awareness is first of all information.

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Yoga a casa
Rimedii alle erbe
medicina naturale

Bach flowers and yoga

Holistic medicine recognizes that there is an emotional root at the base of psychosomatic manifestations, so it treats each individual as a whole, starting from his unique experience and the traumas that derive from it. The blocks that have formed in the unconscious have repercussions both on the rational (conscious) level and on the purely physical level, but it is from the unconscious that we start to dissect the real causes of the disorders now evident at the somatic level, the level of effects .


A special attention to the attitudes with which we live therefore leads us to acquire awareness of behaviors and discomforts to allow us to face the problems they hide. Being open to new perspectives is essential to learn to listen to the signals of the body and begin to connect more deeply with it and with the messages it sends us.


The two integrated approaches that I use with my patients are Bach Flowers and the millennial practice of Yoga. Bach flowers are therapeutical remedies that are a very effective tool to understand and manage emotions, which are in fact the "words" of the unconscious. Yoga starts from the physical and therefore tangible basis of our being, putting our material side in contact with that of mental awareness.


Together they work in perfect synergy !

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