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The committometer

Your informed choice

Servizi di misura

The committometer is a strategic tool that I use in relating to the patient. The word is a neologism that I myself coined, which derives from the English "to commit ", to commit oneself, to dedicate oneself.


It wants to be a yardstick for the commitment and dedication that the patient decides to put in this particular path, it consists in a completely personal choice and commensurate with the possibilities of time, energy and ability of the patient himself.


It will not be a sterile number or even an exact quantity. It will not even be decided a priori, even if starting with enthusiasm is always the rule. I mean that it will be the facts to show how much a person is determined to open up to new things, to welcome change and to face difficulties (with my assistance).


In short, the client is a means to evaluate one's will and at the same time the consequent satisfaction. In this way, a conscious and assertive choice is made, which makes us feel at ease, like a ship's captain who has the compass to choose the direction and the rudder to pilot the ship.


If you are determined to set sail, let's withdraw the anchor for uncharted waters (with boats)!

Find here all the information to get started!

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